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We create striking images and print pieces. As a result, some of the most respected brands and businesses in the world come to us to realize their creative vision.

Our success depends on meeting our clients’ needs at the highest standards while making the process easy. Our long list of enduring customer relationships speaks to both our products and our process. The talent and passion of our people, and the experience we provide are what really keep our clients coming back.

Capabilities BACK TO TOP

We transform your ideas into superb finished products in whatever form you need. Our in-house studio makes the process easier, from compelling and creative photography to pre-media services to expert retouching. Our retouching and color-correction are second to none, as demonstrated by the long list of satisfied fashion and luxury brand clients.  We produce award winning print pieces – from brochures to grand format graphics. Our print capabilities include digital, sheetfed, large format and grand format on state-of-the-art, modern equipment. From start to finish, we help you realize your creative vision at the highest quality.

Mission & Values BACK TO TOP

Our priorities are to produce work of exceptional quality, to provide our clients with a premium experience, and to support the highest social and environmental standards in our industry.


For over 25 years, we have worked at providing superb images. With humble beginnings as a boutique retoucher in 1987, we gradually grew our services to meet client's needs. Our business now includes equipment to cover every aspect of image production. We take on jobs at any scale and at any quantity, always putting image quality first. dcc's commitment to color consistency guarantees your creative vision will be met from prepress to publication to printed page.


Steve Pandolfi founded dcc in 1987. Steve’s reputation as a leading color separator in NYC allowed him to penetrate the highly critical fashion and cosmetic industries. He is renown for the quality of his work and his dedication to meeting customer needs. In 1996, dissatisfied with the way others struggled to produce the digital art he painstakingly worked so hard to create, Steve took the next logical step entering dcc into the world of c-prints and large format display work. To compliment dcc’s high end prepress, in 2002 Steve partnered with Don Terwilliger, a highly regarded printing industry expert, and created the Digital Color Concepts Printing division.

Don Terwilliger brings generations of experience to the printing process. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 1984 with a bachelors degree in Graphic Arts management, Don joined the family printing business. Working his way up through the company, he became executive vice president in 1992. In 1996 Don went to work for Dolan Wohlers and became president. In pursuit of producing work of the highest quality, Don partnered with Steve Pandolfi in January of 2002 to form the Digital Color Concepts Printing division. Don was selected as a UBS/Clinton Foundation mentor to help struggling minority owned businesses in 2011.