For dcc, Corporate responsibility means taking care of our environment. We are always looking for new and better ways to manage our use of energy and materials, and do more while using less. We are proud of our successes.

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We became certified and part of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership in December 2015.

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership was formed as a collaboration between the Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (PIA/GATF), the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA), and the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) with primary goals of defining sustainable green printing and identifying steps to help the printing industry establish manufacturing and business practices that are more environmentally sustainable.

SGP certification demonstrates dcc's use of best sustainable printing practices and commitment to continuous improvement. We believe that sustainability is an essential ingredient for our long-term success as it strengthens our trust and reputation with our clients and the community.

Employee health and safety along with the climate change of the environment is of the utmost concern to us. SGP certification provides the tools and support to ensure we meet these goals and stay at the forefront of this important journey within the printing industry.

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FSC Certification
FSC® Certification BACK TO TOP

We became a Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC)-certified printer in 2007, meeting the global standard for responsible forestry. Our certification is managed by Rainforest Alliance, to be sure that our use of resources is environmentally responsible.  

Solvent Recycling Initiative BACK TO TOP

We use vegetable based inks in our printing facility as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional inks. We also recycle our waste materials such as solvents, inks, resins and all chemicals used in the process of printing ink on paper. Our goal is to recover, refine and recycle these solvents for beneficial reuse. The environmental benefits are important. The product life-cycle of solvents is significantly improved since they can be used repeatedly after proper recycling. Our carbon footprint improves since recycled solvents require less raw materials, energy and green-house gases to produce and market, and we reduce the overall reliance on crude oil from foreign sources as the main raw material in the manufacture of solvent products.

Solar Pannel
Solar Power BACK TO TOP

In January 2010, we installed 675 rooftop solar panels to our printing facility, the first printing plant in New Jersey to do so. These panels should yield 187,569 Kilowatt hours (kWh) of renewable, clean energy every year. The carbon emissions saved from this production is an estimated 296,974 lbs of CO2, the equivalent of taking 25 cars off the road or conserving 15,290 gallons of gasoline each year. The solar panel project allows us to obtain 15% of our energy from sustainable resources. These links will take you to the NOVEDA site that show how we're doing in real time: Carbon Footprint Greenhouse Gas Emissions Green Performance Cluster